High-Quality TFT LCD Screen Manufacturers

Big Book (Dongguan Bibuke Electronic Technology Co., Limited) is a leading Chinese TFT LCD screen manufacturer. We are one of China’s top LCD display, LCD panel, LCD screen and LCD suppliers because of our screen quality and commitment to our customers’ needs.

What is a TFT LCD Display?

It refers to a liquid-crystal display on a ‘Thin-Film-Transistor.’ TFT technology enables the manufacture of high-resolution LCD screen displays with excellent contrast performance. Camera manufacturers use TFT LCD screen displays because they allow a camera’s LCD screen to exhibit:

  • High resolution of graphic LCD module.
  • Accurate color reproductions of acquired photos.

So, if you are in charge of a photography studio, our TFT LCD module is ideal for you.

Why Our Graphic LCD Module Pixels or TFT LCD Module Screen:

Our screen is one of the largest and pixel-rich panels available, with a resolution of 1 to 7 inches and 480320 pixels. Each graphic LCD module is fast, sharp, and simple to use, due to its high-resolution megapixels.

Client perception is directly influenced by the clarity of our graphic LCD module display. Big Book has a diverse display selection that includes anything from static LCD glass to the most innovative TFT LCD screen.

Why Choose Us?


Since 1998, we have been supplying TFT LCD module solutions to the Chinese market. Our seasoned and skilled team collaborates with your development teams. We do this to ensure that you get the proper TFT LCD screen display solution for your ultimate design that is easily integrated.

We endeavor to provide TFT LCD module solutions that are dependable, sturdy, and visually appealing, guaranteeing that the finished product is well-received by your customers.

Relationships That Last:

We can fulfill your requirements with the most revolutionary display solutions thanks to Big Book’s broad experience and high-quality TFT LCD module display. This assists us in ensuring that our one-time customer becomes a repeat customer.

We Help You to Stand Out

Big Book provides innovative graphic LCD module display solutions that set your electronic products apart from the competition. Our skilled product managers collaborate with your development engineers to build one-of-a-kind solutions that are both on budget and schedule.

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