Fstn LCD Display Touch Screen Supplier

Are you a business owner and looking for a supplier who manufactures top-quality LCD solutions to nail your clients? If yes, then you have hit the bull’s eye. Dongguan Bibuke Electronic Technology Co., Limited (Big Book) is among the leading LCD display manufacturers in China. We offer LCD displays that have state-of-the-art:

  • Luminance
  • Contrast radio
  • Adjustability
  • Response rate and
  • FSTN LCD display for native resolution


What Sets Us Apart

Complete Solution

Big Book offers a total solution mindset; unlike other LCD display manufacturers. We work closely with clients to develop the best solutions as per their needs. By working continuously to expand our product range, manufacturing facilities, and supplier partnerships, we remain dedicated to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands.

Why Choose Us as LCD Display Module

Blend of Knowledge and Experience

We have been in the LCD business since 1998. That means partnering with us as your LCD display touch screen manufacturer means you can gain benefit from the knowledge base of our experienced engineers. Our technical and sales staff offer you expert recommendations alongside attentive support to make sure you get the ideal solution for your clients.

Diverse Application

Our LCD display module solutions are structured for various end-user applications. For instance, we manufacture custom FSTN LCD display for

  • industrial equipment,
  • medical devices,
  • consumer electronics,
  • household appliances, and
  • other OEM products

For the automotive sector, we create an LCD display touch screen and display to be used for in-vehicle systems and control functions such as air conditioning and heating.

Well-Equipped Manufacturing Facility

Our LCD display module factory is well-equipped to build LCDs that can withstand shock, wide temperature ranges, sunlight, vibration, and much more. Whether your FSTN LCD display will be used in the great outdoors or a hospital operating room, we can build a custom LCD solution for your needs.

Among several advantages of working with Big Book as your LCD panel manufacturers are our

  • cost-effective solutions,
  • detail-oriented design cycles, and
  • comprehensive warranties

We stand apart as a leading LCD display module company because of our unshakeable commitment to environmental responsibility, lean manufacturing principles, and sustainability.

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