Meter STN LCD Display Module
Meter STN LCD Display Module
June 14, 2021
anel HTN LCD Display for Air Conditioner Monitor 3
Panel HTN LCD Display for Air Conditioner Monitor
June 14, 2021

20X4 Character FSTN LCD Display with Different Backlight

  • LCD Type FSTN
  • Display Type 160×160 dots
  • View Area 60.00×60.00
  • View Direction 6 O’Clock
  • Product description: 20X4 Character FSTN LCD Display with Different Backlight

FSTN LCD screen, liquid crystal display module

General Specification:FSTN (Film+STN), in order to improve the background color of the ordinary STN, a compensation film is added on the polarizer to eliminate the dispersion and realize black and white display.Can be made into blue, green, orange, yellow, and other colors of the screen background.The following are 160*160 parameters for reference:

Outline Size(mm)80.0(L)×72.5(W)×5.0(T) (Not Include Connector)mm
LCD TypeFSTN, Transflecitve/Positive, 1/160Duty, 1/10Bias
Display Type160×160 dots
View Area60.00×60.00mm
Display Area54.38×54.38mm
Dots Size0.32×0.32mm
Dots Pitch0.34×0.34mm
Controller & DriverUC1698U (COG)
View Direction6 O’Clock
Interface Mode8 bit 6800,8 bit 8080
VDD&VOP(Type)3.3 V & 16.3 VV
Backlight ColorWhite, 3.0V, 90mA
Operation Temp.-20~+70
Storage Temp.-30~+80

Pin Connections

Pin No.Pin OutDescription
1-2NCNo connection.
3-4VLCDHigh voltage LCD Power Supply. When internal VLCD is used, connect these pins together. When external VLCD source is used, connect external VLCD source to VLCDIN, pins and leave VLCDOUT open.
5VS+LCD Bias Voltages. These are the voltage sources to provide SEG driving currents. These voltages are generated internally. Connect capacitors of CAX / CBX value between VAX+ / VBX+ and VAX– / VBX–, respectively.
11-12VDDPower supply for LCD circuit.
15BM0Bus Mode: The interface bus mode is determined by BM0 with the following relationship:

BM 0:Mode



16CS0Chip Selection. Chip is selected when CS0 = “L”. When the chip is not selected, DB [7:0] will be high impedance.
17A0(CD)Selects Control data or Display data for read/write operation. In S9 mode, CD pin is not used. Connect to VSS when not used.
”L”: Control data ”H”: Display data
18WR1(RD)WR[1:0] control the read/write operation of the host interface. See section Host Interface for more detail.
In parallel mode, the meaning of WR[1:0] depends on whether the interface is in the 6800 mode or the 8080 mode. In serial interface modes, these two pins are not used, connect them to VSS.
20RSTWhen RST=”L”, all control registers are re-initialized by their default states. Since UC1698u has built-in Power-ON reset and software reset commands, RST pin is not required for proper chip operation.
An RC Filter has been included on-chip. There is no need for external RC noise filter.  When RST is not used, connect the pin to VDD.
21DB0Bi-directional bus for parallel host interface.