Character LCD Display With Different BackLight 2
Character LCD Display With Different BackLight
June 15, 2021
Graphic LCD Yellow Display 3
Graphic LCD Yellow Display
June 15, 2021

LCD Panel Manufacturers

  • Display Format 128*128 DOTS
  • Power Supply 3.0 V
  • Display Type FSTN, Positive, Transflective
  • Viewing Direction 12 O’clock
  • Product description: LCD Screen LCD Color Panel LCD Display Module
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High-Quality LCD Panel Manufacturers

Big Book’s policy is to provide panels and displays that are specified according to the needs of our clients. In order to accomplish this, a written, standard Quality Control System (QCS) based on ISO 9001:2015 has been in place to manage and specify the actions necessary to adhere to and satisfy our customers’ expectations. We are among the top-notch LCD Panel manufacturers and LCD Screen Suppliers.

Energy Efficient LCD Panel Manufacturers 

Our large-format LCD panels are the perfect freestanding alternative when you want to make a big statement in any location. Being one of the well-known LCD Panel manufacturers, we offer a versatile fit and are built to deliver dependable performance for many years. They come with performance features such as an OPS slot, 10-bit processing, 4K UHD resolution, a variety of interfaces, and optional touch-interactivity. They are available in a range of pricing ranges and sizes up to 98″. With Big Book, adding a high-performance LCD screen to spaces like conference rooms, classrooms, control rooms, and retail establishments is simple.

Incredible Properties

  • It is Affordable

I used to think LCDs were simply too pricey for me, but prices have dropped recently. Given their long-term advantages, our LCDs are what you can consider cost-effective. And this is why we are the most chosen among other LCD Panel suppliers

  • Energy-Efficient

The energy savings from LCDs over their lifetimes are significant. Between 50 and 70 percent, LCD panels use less energy than conventional CRT monitors.

  • Longer Service Life

LCD displays are more effective than traditional monitors in every way, and they also last longer. There is a considerable probability that a problem may come up regularly while utilizing ordinary monitors. And you will need to take it to a shop to address it. As one of the reputable LCD Panel providers, we assure you a similar issue will not arise with our LCD display.