Character LCD Display With Different BackLight 2
Character LCD Display With Different BackLight
June 15, 2021
Graphic LCD Yellow Display 3
Graphic LCD Yellow Display
June 15, 2021

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When you need to make a big impact in any location, our large-format and conventional LCD panels are the way to go. Our LCD panels come in a variety of price points. You may include a performance-driven LCD panel display into spaces such as conference rooms, educational facilities, and control rooms with our panels.

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Since 1998, we have been working with a few additional LCD manufacturers. We understand what people are looking for, and we are producing exactly what they require. Big Book is one of China’s leading LCD panel manufacturers, with over two decades of consistent production.

Assurance of Quality:

Big Book’s policy is to supply panels and displays that are tailored to our client’s specific requirements. To achieve this, a written and standard Quality Control System (QCS) based on ISO 9001:2015 has controlled and specified the actions required to comply with and meet the expectations of our customers.


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  • Display Format 128*128 DOTS
  • Power Supply 3.0 V
  • Display Type FSTN, Positive, Transflective
  • Viewing Direction 12 O’clock
  • Product description: LCD Screen LCD Color Panel LCD Display Module

Stn yellow green or blue lcd display module 16×2

General Specification:

Display Format128*128 DOTS
Power Supply3.0 V
Display TypeFSTN, Positive, Transflective
Viewing Direction12 O’clock
LCD Driving Method1/128 Duty, 1/11 Bias,13.5 V
Driver ICUC1617S
Input DataSerial
Module Size(W*H*T)51.9*57.38*4.0 mm
Viewing Area (W*H)46.68*45.78mm
Active Area (W*H)40.94*40.94mm
Dot Size (W*H)0.30*0.30mm
Dot Pitch (W*H)0.32*0.32mm
Backlightsidelight ,White, 4PCS,LED, 60mA,3.1 V(TYP.)

Outline Dimension:

LCD Screen LCD Color Panel LCD Display Module


(W X H)
Module size
W x H(mm)
View area
W x H(mm)
Dot size
W x H(mm)
Dot pitch
W x H(mm)
Driving MethodController LSI  or EquivIC
8D -C2004A20X498.0X60.076.0X25.20.55X0.552.95X4.751/16S6A0069COBYY
8D -C2004B20X477.0X47.060.0X22.00.42X0.462.3X4.031/16S6A0070COBYY
8D -C2004C20X4146.0X62.5123.5X43.00.92X1.14.84X9.221/16S6A0069COBYY
8D -C2402A24X2118.0X36.093.5X16.00.6X0.653.2X5.551/16S6A0069COBYY
8D -C2402B24X2208.0X40.0178.0X23.01.16X1.166.0X9.631/16S6A0069COBYY
8D -C4001A40X1182.0X33.5154.4X16.50.6X0.753.2X6.351/16S6A0069COBYY
8D -C4002B40X2182.0X33.5154.4X16.50.6X0.653.2X5.551/16S6A0069COBYY
8D C4004A40X4190.0X54.0147.0X29.50.5X0.552.78X4.891/16S6A0069COBYY
8D -G12232A122X3284.0X44.060.0X18.50.4X0.40.44X0.441/32SED1520COBYY
8D -G12232B122X3280.0X36.055.0X18.50.36X0.410.4X0.451/32SED1520COBYY
8D -G12232C122X3298.0X60.076.0X25.20.53X0.610.57X0.651/32SED1520COBYY
8D -G12232D122X3280.2X47.476.0X25.20.53X0.610.57X0.651/32SED1520COBYY
8D -G12864A128X6478.0X70.062.0X44.00.39X0.550.44X0.61/64S6B0108ACOBYY
8D -G12864B128X64105.0X60.572.0X40.00.48X0.480.52X0.521/64S6B0108ACOBYY
8D -G12864C128X6493.0X70.072.0X40.00.48X0.480.52X0.521/64S6B0108ACOBYY
8D -G12864D128X64113.0X65.072.0X40.00.48X0.480.52X0.521/64S6B0108ACOBYY
8D -G12864E128X6493.0X70.072.0X40.00.48X0.480.52X0.521/64ST7920COBYY
8D -G19264A192X64130X65.0104.0X39.00.46X0.460.51X0.511/64S6B0108ACOBYY
8D -G19264B192X64120X62.0104.0X39.00.46X0.460.51X0.511/64S6B0108ACOBYY
8D -G24064B240X64180.0X65.0132.0X39.00.53X0.530.49X0.491/64T6963CQFP/COBYY
8D -G240128A240X128144X104114X640.4X0.40.45X0451/128T6963CQFP/COBYY