Power Meters Reflective Indicator HTN LCD
Power Meters Reflective Indicator HTN LCD
June 15, 2021
2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Display Module 3
2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Display Module
June 15, 2021

LCD Screen Suppliers

High-Quality LCD Screen Supplier In China

Do you require high-quality LCD screens to not only please but also to keep your customers? If you answered yes, you must continue reading. The leading LCD panel, lcd display and LCD suppliers are Big Book (Dongguan Bibuke Electronic Technology Co., Limited) in China. If you have Big Book’s LCD, you can rest guaranteed that your clients will not go.

What is an LCD Display?

Flat-panel display screens are known as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). To produce high-quality monochrome or color images, liquid crystals use reflectors or backlights. LCD displays and 7-segment displays both use the same core technology. The images are structured for large-scale tiny pixels, with the exception that they are structured for large-scale small pixels.
Liquid crystals are used on TVs, computer monitors, smartphones, and a variety of other applications by all LCD screen manufacturers. Contact us right away if you need help choosing the best LCD screen displays for your application.

Why are LCD screens used in Big Books?

Big Book provides a comprehensive range of LCD display screens from industry-leading LCD screen suppliers both inside and outside China. We sell LCD monitors, LCD screens, TFT LCD panels, and a variety of other products.

Why should you choose us?
Engineering Capacity:

Big Book is committed to providing a variety of LCD displays that meet the same high standards as required to meet your needs. In a short time, our in-house conceiving and designing capabilities will transform your nascent idea into the finished product you desire.
• Multi-layer PCB layout design
• Injection-molded plastic parts are among our engineering talents.
• Circuit design
• Software development
• Microprocessor integration
• Prototyping

A competitive price:

Big Book pays close attention to the smallest details to ensure that we provide the best value without sacrificing quality. The lowest price among LCD screen suppliers is referred to as market competitive pricing. Keeping your business in mind ensures a good mix between pricing and quality.

  • Product description: Va LCD Screen Pin Connection LCD Display

General Specification


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply VoltageVDD-0.34.0V
Input VoltageVin-0.4VDD+0.5V
Absolute Maximum Forward
Current (Backlight)
Reverse Voltage (Backlight)Vr3.1V
Operating TemperatureTopr-2070
Storage TemperatureTstr-3080


After-sales guarantee:

Non-human damage to the after-sales warranty for 1 year. Some technical problems can be solved by wires.

We can design and customize different sizes, shapes, display icons for segments, characters, graphic LCD displays and modules (including LED backlights, ICs) for your customers. You will send us the demand and we will make you more suitable for your LCD products.

Display Image


Va LCD Screen Pin Connection LCD Display

With RoHS Directive-compliance

·         Image reversion: up/down and left/right

·         Applications: consumer electronics/automotive/telecoms and data transfer/medical instruments/security management/signs and display/point of sale, epos/energy control/amusement and gambling machines/white goods/mobile phones and PDAS

Moreover, our company has passed ISO 9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certifications as well as RoHS and REACH.