20X4 Character FSTN LCD Display with Different Backlight 1
20X4 Character FSTN LCD Display with Different Backlight
June 14, 2021
Household electrical industrial appliances 2
Household electrical industrial appliances
June 15, 2021

Panel HTN LCD Display for Air Conditioner Monitor

  • Display Type: HTN
  • Polarizer Mode: Transflective
  • Driving Methodġ Vop 3.0 ēDuty 1/4ēBias 1/3
  • Viewing Direction: 12 o’clock
  • Product description: Panel HTN LCD Display for Air Conditioner Monitor

Panel HTN LCD Panel for Air Conditioner Monitor Product raw materials

HTN film LCD screen,

Chinese name: HTN .foreign name: (HighTwistedNematic)

Interpretation: Highly twisted nematic


High contrast, low power consumption, low drive voltage

Nematic liquid crystal

The molecules are sandwiched between two transparent glass.

Between the two layers of glass, the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules is deflected by 110 to 130 degrees. The characteristic of this type of LCD is that the dynamic driving performance is not good enough, but the viewing angle is wider than that of the TN type.

Used indoors, outdoors, surveillance, large screen projects. Audio Products Medical Equipment Industrial Products (Water Meters, Electronic Instruments, Equipment) Auto Sports Equipment Watch Household Appliances (Air Conditioning / Washing Machine / Electronic Cooler / Refrigerator / Disinfection Cabinet / Dishwasher / Calculator / Electronic Scale, etc.)

General Specification

Display Type: HTN .

Display Mode Positive . Polarizer Mode: Transflective.

Driving Method Vop 3.0 Duty 1/4Bias 1/3 . Viewing Direction: 12 o’clock .

Display Color: Display Pixel: Black .(On Stage, Pixel Color)

Back Ground: gray .(Off stage,Display Color)

Mechanical Specification

Dimensional Outline102.00*34.50mm
Viewing Area99.00(L)MIN X 27.50(W)MINmm
PIN Pitch2.54mm
PIN Length6.35mm
Number of PIN36—–

Absolute Maximum Ratings

No.ItemCharacteristic ValuesUnitRemark
1Operating Temperature Range-15—-50QC
2Storage Temperature Range-20—-70QC
3AC Voltage—-—-10V1hr
4DC Voltage—-—-3V1hr
5Tolerable DC Component—-030MV
6Tolerable Atmospheric Pressure86—-106KPA
7Tolerable Vibration—-050M/S²

Display Image